Sunday, 28 March 2010

Percy Jackson and the Review Thief Return!

Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan, is Brilliant. Yes, it is another book about a troubled boy who, surprise surprise, has some magical abilities. Or something like that. At the beginning, we meet Percy, juvenile delinquent living with his loving mother and his horrid and abusive step-father, Smelly Gabe. Then he's attacked by his math teacher while on a field trip (turns out she's a Fury) and is saved by his seemingly wheelchair bound Latin teacher who wields a ballpoint pen that can turn into a bronze sword!

As it turns out, Perseus Jackson is the half-blood future hero son of Poseidon! And Zeus thinks that Poseidon had Percy steal his master lightning bolt- promising war if it is not returned! *cue ominous music*

Aided by Annabeth, the Half-Blood daughter of Athena, and his best friend Grover (you'll have to read to find out just who he is!) Percy makes his way around the US (Mount Olympus is in NYC now- sounds odd, I know, but the explanation provided, that the gods are the center of Western Civilization as we know it and will re-situate themselves at the heart of that civilization, works well), battling demons and annoying relatives in search of the bolt.

I absolutely recomend this book to everyone. The main character is a boy and will therefore hopefully hold the attention of boys (clearly it already has, or it would not have become popular enough for a (really really REALLY inaccurate) movie. (MUCH better than Wimpy Kid) It also has a really strong female supporting character, which will hopefully be enough to hold the attention of girls as well! But beyond the 7-12 year old readers, I recommend that everyone gives it a try! Riordan has an amazing knack for wit, and a (mostly) accurate knowledge of Greek Mythology (one mistake so far has been found). It's a very interesting twist on Greek Mythology, and rather refreshing as far as fantasy goes. Pretty much everybody has at least heard of the Greek gods, and within the premis of the story, the use of magic makes perfect sense, rather than forcing the reader to just accept that some mystical forces exist which allow for the use of magic. Or whatever.

The point is. Go read it. It's a great break from whatever else you're reading, and not Disny-esque. Five big stars.


Jennifer said...

I loved this series! At first it was a little tough to get into because it was aimed towards really young teens and he was so whiney the first couple of chapters but I highly recommend finishing the series! The movie was entertaining but didn't closely follow the book but still worth a shot. Boromir as Zeus!

Side note: I had a girl at summer camp who looked EXACTLY like Annabeth. She was a total tomboy and even had a red baseball cap that she wore all of the time!

Jennifer said...

Oh and the kids name was Ana...coincidence? I think not. She was totally the offspring of a god.

Whyte Fairy said...

*twilight zone music*

I can't quite give comments on the movie- I saw it when I was a few chapters into the book. I knew it would be different (they always are), but from the little bit that I read, I knew what some of the differences were, and knowing how the plot did NOT go made it interesting to see how it did go.