Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I'm In Love With My CAAAAAAAAR!

(Again, you'll have to add your own Queen) (I suppose I could get one of those things that plays music automatically when you come to my site- but then I'd feel pressured to change it every week. I can't subject myself to that!) This post was originally meant to feature motorcycles- spicing up the whole transportation concept. Then Queen came on, and I couldn't just pass over that.

Sorry I skipped my text post this week (and will most likely continue to do so for a few days) I'm going CAMPING this weekend!!!! ^_^ *Fairy Dance* But back to the subject at hand!

1956 by Robert Doisneau

1910: Cars were apparently common enough to be featured as parts of carnival rides!

1938: Family on the road in the Midwest

1911: Twins with a Buick Roadster
(I love Buick. They're the only reason I can buy new parts for my Olds. ^_^)

1931 Australia (same group as the last post)

1920s: Bertha Truesdell Reynolds

1920s: Suffragist and Socialite Rosalie Jones posing as an auto mechanic

1917: Rural Deliveries in Weston, Ohio

1927: High School girls learning auto-mechanics: Grace Hurd, Evelyn Harrison, and Corinna DiJiulian, with Grace Wagner

And this Gorgeous, Gorgeous contraption sadly falls into the category of Unknown!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Well, now I feel much better. I actually think I might have had a mild case of food poisoning. And now, for lack of a better idea for a photo theme:

1907 autochrome photograph by Auguste and/or Louis Lumiere

This is one proud car owner


1930s Elsie
(Check out the shoes!)


1931 Bogantungan, Queensland, Australia

1932 Wearing raccoon coats in Harlem

1936 Marie Jean, age 16

1945 Elanora


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

The old fear that I had in England came back last night: I live by myself, and I'm not terribly terribly close to anyone up here. What if something happens to me? How long will it take people to notice?

I had a 2 day migraine and the after effects were hideous. To the point where I was worried that something else might have been wrong with me. Which got me worrying about going to bed that night and not waking up. If I don't show up to work at the bookstore today, they'd call me once and then write me off as a no-show. If I then didn't show up to the museum, how many days would it take for someone to try to come to my house and see if I'm dead? I don't even talk to most of my home friends enough that me not picking up the phone a few times would probably worry them terribly.

This is why I don't like living by myself.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Just for Jenni: Antique Maps!

I apologize for not getting this up last night, I had an exciting new migraine. Blegh. Also: VOTE IN THE CAPTION CONTEST! (please! see two posts below this)

This post will be smaller than most, as the photographs I use come from what I already have. The only antique maps I have are on my wall (excitingly displayed in my staircase!) and there is not an overabundance of them. Nevertheless: Maps!

Europe: 1500

Cute Little Ships, but no Sea Monsters

The Holy See

Shakespeare's Britain

London, and the Original St Paul's Cathedral

The Scottish Play! (And a Unicorn!)

Irish Sea Monster?

Based on John Speed's 1610/11 map
(as is the Shakespeare one- hence the same London image and similar sea monsters)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

People I Love: You Should Too

Hello! I have a backlog of books that I need to get reviewing for all of you lovelies out there, and I was going to continue the hair posts with one about bangs. But that's just a headache of browsing on my part, so we'll move right along. Now I'm going to talk about the people I love. (Jenni, your antique map post is on its way) So many of my friends sell or promote or whatever, so I decided that I'd like to give them a little bit of extra promotion! Seeing that one of my friends just became a follower of my blog has given me the kick in the butt that I need:

We all know I sell pretty pretties on (see the banner to your left) My friend's mum recently opened up a shop on! She knits and sells clothes for bitty babies - including preemies! Her prices are very reasonable as well (though they are all in Pounds Sterling, so you'll have to guesstimate unless you're in the UK).

Booties! Eeep!

So if you have/are expecting/ know anyone with an itty bitty baby, please go take a peek at Fran's Beautiful Babywear, and give your support to local (even if they're in another country) crafters!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Caption Contest?

Well, as you, dear readers, became remiss in submitting captions, I failed to continue to post results and winners and new photographs for you to caption! I shall now attempt to get the ball to re-roll:

Peerless: "Mountain Style!" "Tree style!"
(It helped that he was the only one to comment...)


And now for this week's captionable photograph (from 1920):

Winner to be posted next Monday! If I don't get at least three participants, I'm considering this a lost cause and ending it then. Then I'll be sad... :(

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Goldilocks and her Curly Hair

My entire life I have wanted gorgeous ringlets. My entire life, my hair has determined to remain as straight as possible. Its a conflict of interests that began with droopy waves at holidays when I was wee, and came to a head my junior year of high school when we were told that for our indoor color guard show (Through the Looking Glass) "You WILL have ringlets!" So, industrial strength hair gel and 24 hours later, I had the gorgeousest, shiniest, CRUNCHIEST ringlets about (slightly less time if I have access to my grandmom's old hair dryer- you know, the kind with the shower cap connected to the hose that's connected to the box that plugs into the wall and blows REALLY HOT air into the shower cap?).

I really would like to put my hair up in curlers more often. It's not even that it's time consuming, it's just terrible when I take the curlers out and there's one or two ringlets that haven't dried yet and are slopping stickily down my back. And it's really difficult to fall asleep with curlers in. I don't care if they are plastic. So here is to all the girls with their gorgeous ringlets!


Unknown (probably the 1930s)


1898 Ethel Truesdell
(Personally, I think she's GORGEOUS)


Unknown (I guess 1910s)
(I need to own her boots)


Shirley Temple and her Curls
(and a giant bear worthy of my sister's collection!)


I finally got my curls to work!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Gaga for Gaga?

I'm a bit late to jump on the pop culture wagon that is Lady Gaga. As far as I can tell, she zoomed to popularity sometime when I was in the UK. Most of the days that Elena and I went to the gym I saw (but not heard, as I really didn't fancy remembering to bring headphones) her Poker Face video and was less than impressed. So here I'm debating whether or not I actually like her as an artist. Discussion on the matter is encouraged.

First off, let me get all pretentious- Gaga? Really? You couldn't come up with a better name than that? Oh well. I suppose I'm not in the pop music business, nor am I her. Moving on. I think her voice is gorgeous. For some reason I tend to really like female singers with deeper voices. I couldn't tell you why.

I also think her image is phenomenal. (I also THINK she's really pretty. You know, somewhere underneath all the makeup. I say I think, because I really can't tell.) We all know my sense of fashion is... well... you know. (I'm sure Jenni could supply us with a few choice words on that subject) I find (most of) her wild and funky outfits rather refreshing- mostly because they go beyond normal fashion to bizarre high fashion. This brings me to two points, each to be discussed in turn, but both about her music videos. Again I'll use the terms refreshing and bizarre in relation to her videos. Back in the late 90s, it was practically impossible to tell the difference between all of the pretty blonde pop stars. But between the costuming, general eye-candyness (which is the main reason I watch any of her videos), and way out dance movies, I think Gaga has done a great job of breaking out of the mold set for her by previous pop-stars. It's nice to see unusual movement incorporated into the dances (for an example of this I refer you to the beginning of Bad Romance- which looks like the evil zombie nurses in the basement of the hospital at the end of Silent Hill)

Moving on to the other (and less positive point): While I thoroughly enjoy the crazy weirdness of her videos, I'm tired of seeing her crotch. HIgh Fashion is one thing. So is weird fashion. And sometimes it's thoroughly appropriate to the rest of the video to be artsy and naked. But really- how many bikini clad crotch closeups does one need in any given video. Yes- I realize that I sound like the prude that I am. But I've watched the 'clean' version of the Telephone video, and I really don't see how it could possibly get more explicit. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against showing off one's body. I guess this is where we get to the part I'm torn about.

Her songs are really good (as someone who shall remain nameless calls them) booty-shakin' songs. And I enjoy (most of) the eye candy aspect. But as a general rule I've always tried to keep away from media that more or less offended my (again, admittedly prudish) morals. Quite a few of Gaga's lyrics fall into that category. As do quite a few parts of her videos. Also, I have to question her popularity among young girls. I've heard quite a few girls at B&N comment about liking her- and here I'm referring specifically to the 4-7 age range. My co-workers are right- those young fans probably have no idea what 90% of her lyrics mean. But I have to question their parents letting them watching videos which practically feature orgies, prostitutes and murder/suicide.

And thus, I am undecided. *sigh*

Monday, 12 April 2010

Rapunzel,Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

The museum job requires me to wear a uniform: Bright blue t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Some days, it hurts me to get dressed in the morning. I do what I can- I have sneakers that come in every color of the rainbow, my fun Camden Market hoodie, and as soon as I get around to fixing my button decorated jeans I'll wear those. Since I can't do much with my clothes, I've returned to wearing quite a bit of jewelry on a daily basis, and trying to come up with exciting new things to do with my hair.

When I was in fifth grade, the teacher had a book of World Records in the room. I pored over that thing again and again, but always came back to the same image: the woman with 13 foot long hair. I decided then (despite hacking it all off two years later) that I wanted to break the world record for longest hair. I've subsequently decided that that would be a bit much, but having hair that went to the floor would be great fun, and even if it grew down to my knees, well, that would just be downright spiffing. Sadly, my hair had other ideas and has pretty much not grown since high school. Sigh.

This photo was featured in a book I have. I believe the date they gave (it's still in a box at a location that is not here) was 1903.
I bookmarked the page.



Lillie Wray
Hair: 5 feet, 6 inches


(She looks a bit like Madame Milo, but I can't confirm that suspicion at this time)