Sunday, 18 April 2010

Goldilocks and her Curly Hair

My entire life I have wanted gorgeous ringlets. My entire life, my hair has determined to remain as straight as possible. Its a conflict of interests that began with droopy waves at holidays when I was wee, and came to a head my junior year of high school when we were told that for our indoor color guard show (Through the Looking Glass) "You WILL have ringlets!" So, industrial strength hair gel and 24 hours later, I had the gorgeousest, shiniest, CRUNCHIEST ringlets about (slightly less time if I have access to my grandmom's old hair dryer- you know, the kind with the shower cap connected to the hose that's connected to the box that plugs into the wall and blows REALLY HOT air into the shower cap?).

I really would like to put my hair up in curlers more often. It's not even that it's time consuming, it's just terrible when I take the curlers out and there's one or two ringlets that haven't dried yet and are slopping stickily down my back. And it's really difficult to fall asleep with curlers in. I don't care if they are plastic. So here is to all the girls with their gorgeous ringlets!


Unknown (probably the 1930s)


1898 Ethel Truesdell
(Personally, I think she's GORGEOUS)


Unknown (I guess 1910s)
(I need to own her boots)


Shirley Temple and her Curls
(and a giant bear worthy of my sister's collection!)


I finally got my curls to work!

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