Friday, 9 April 2010

The OTHER Barnes and Noble... -or- Petty Ranting

Once upon a time I was the Rainbow Magic Shelving Fairy of the kids department. (And, briefly, one of the Staff Leads) Now I'm The Girl Who Fills In On Weekends. It's quite a mental adjustment and I'm still working on it. The big question, I think will be will I end up quitting because I don't like working 7 days a week or because I don't like not being in charge. I really hope it's the first one. I don't like feeling petty.

On the other hand, it's DIFFERENT. And there are a Lot of things that I would change if I could. Chelsea, your head would probably pop. (they have no concept of symmetry or displaying by size) Mine's kind of close. To begin with, the Kids Manager (who has been there for 10 years) claims to be unable to keep up with display changes, AND keep things neat, AND keep track of what's new, etc. She actually told me that it's too difficult to all keep track of. I though us Kids people at home did a darn good job of it. (maybe that's just me)

There also seems to be a lack of ability to straighten. At all. Let me give you two examples. My first day there I worked a mid shift. There were books that I did not get a chance to put back properly (they were just sort of shoved in on top or faced out in front of other spined titles.) When I showed up the next day, they were still there. Apparently the closer didn't feel the need to put them away properly. Second, when I go in on Saturdays, the manager is there for half of my shift, so there's always someone to handle customers, etc. So I basically spend 8 hours helping customers and straightening shelves. That is, I start my end of the night recovery when I get in at 1:30. On sundays, I begin my end of the night recovery about 45 minutes before I clock out. I don't understand what happens over the next five days to leave it such a disaster.

They also seem to be pretty good at disregarding (and strangely regarding) e-planner and the display rules. They'll put a display of 6 small books on a cgw, and try to squeeeeeeze in 12 on and endcap, because that's where it says to put it, rather than putting it where it looks good. I suppose that, technically, they're following the rules. So I really shouldn't complain. The department is also REALLY cramped. It's impossible to get from point a to point b without weaving around three or four things. And it's not that the department is smaller (which it is) there are just so many superfluous displays that could (and, in my opinion, should) be condensed. Opening that place up would make it look SO much better.

On the other hand, Rose did ask me to let her know anything I saw that worked really well at my old store that was different. So I wrote up a list of suggestions, and she said that when she gets back from her vacation, she'll give it a look and see what she can do! (yay) Really, I need to get it through my head that I AM just the part time girl. I don't want to stay in retail. It's NOT my department anymore. And I need to stop caring so much.


I miss you guys. :(

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