Wednesday, 23 June 2010


My nephew, Nathaniel Thomas Eckert was born on Friday, 6/18 at 12:25 pm!

For a while he didn't have a name, because my sister in law was knocked out and my brother wisely chose not to make any executive decisions without her. I have yet to hear how Nate's older sister Kate (haha) is handling things.

I don't have a date for this beautiful little child, but he's so happy! And the blankets he's wrapped in are stunning as well!

An Apache baby

1860: Queen Victoria (who has apparently wore such giant skirts to hide the fact that she had One Giant Foot, which occasionally creeps out for photo-ops) and her grandchild, baby Kaiser Wilhelm II, who is practicing for his future role as Dr. Evil (despite the dress)

Unknown, although I'd put it in the 1850s. Baby is being propped up by an arm not disguised by a blanket or fur. I love the colorization on the dress to bring out the velvetyness of it all! I wonder if that was really the color of the dress.... I'm also curious as to how much longer the infant was going to sit still before releasing that punch on the photographer.

Unknown Date: A rare specimen (for me) - a child of Asian descent (again, unknown) in western clothing.

Unknown Date: Viola Hensen, as presented to the photographer by.... Cousin Itt?

1889 The Jones Twins - Siamese twin boys who, sadly, only lived for two years, were on tour for their entire lives, and, even worse, were never given individual names.

1950 Skanirovaine, Russia. I ADORE this child. And it's itty bitty socks! (And its totally impish expression!)

1905 Ruth Bryant at 3 months old. What IS it with putting children in awkward baskets? First there's the magical flying basket. Now Ruth looks like she's being taken to market where her basket will be hung from a pole and she'll be hawked on the streets! Why even bother with the pretty white dress?


holly e. said...

yay, congrats on being an aunt! he is adorable!!!

woodlandwalker said...

The little Russian child you adore is so terribly cute. How could anyone have said no to that face!

Whyte Fairy said...

Thank you, Holly! He looks JUST like his dad! ^_^

Anonymous said...