Friday, 9 July 2010

My Summer Vacation: Part One

We've arrived! Yay!

In the land of my totally adorable History Crush! ^_^

(1860- it looks like she's trying to finish sewing his jacket
while he's already wearing it!)


moorvy said...

Yay!! I'm hopefully getting to the exhibition on thursday, fingers crossed and so I'm obviously unbelievably excited. I always thought that she'd just hit him with a fan in slow motion (she even looks like she's saying "Thwack" or something.) Oh, and welcome to History Crush Land. It's just stopped raining here - I hope it's nicer wherever you are. :)

Whyte Fairy said...

Oh, you'll LOVE it!!! And thank you! It's been rather warm here in London, but I have a pretty parasol. And when we left the states it was 102 and humid. I think it's still pretty much the same. Blegh. But we'll worry about that later because there are better and more fun things to do here! (Like tea with cakes!) Haha! It DOES look like she just thwacked him! He appears to be doing a lovely job of ignoring her, but I imagine after she slow motion thwacks him a few more times he's going to throw the book down and tickle her mercilessly. ^_^

moorvy said...

It does look like he's about to lose his temper and pounce. :) It's got more humid here today, so I've been floating around doing biology projects and blog stuff in summer clothes (for once.) Are you off to do anything else in the next few days?? I'm in London tomorrow, so if I stumble upon someone who looks like a fairy, I'll say hello (and hope it's you...) but have a nice time with the tea and cake (I can't imagine life without it personally) either way. : )