Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Fashion Post

Yes, you read that right. Me? Fashion? Are you ok, Guenevere? Did you, perhaps, drink a bit too much tea and start confusing yourself with Jilly beansTALK? No, I just have a few things to say on the topic, having just spent two weeks in a fairly fashion conscious city. (Seriously, people get dressed before they leave their homes in England, it's great. Granted, I know all too well the need to occasionally just spend the day (outings and all) in a hoodie and pj pants, but it's nice to see people putting an effort into getting dressed) And I bought some REALLY cute clothes in Englandworld (Yay Camden Markets!). Maybe I'll even be inspired to model some of them here, if you're of a mind to see them.

I do have a complaint though, about one of the current fashions in London: NO PANTS! I suppose, as I am talking of Englandworld, I SHOULD use the term 'Trousers" as in English English (come with me on this one) pants = underwear, which makes Woman's Pants Suit rather hi-larious. My complaint evokes a similar, though trashier picture. Imagine this (ladies, anyway): You wake up in the morning, you pick out your brightest, most colorful bra. Over that you put on a very over-large t-shirt that comes pre-oldened (you know how 15 year old t-shirts tend to get super soft and wildly see-through?) and almost covers your rear end. And then you pick out a nice pair of tights and put them on with a nice pair of stilletos. Then you leave your house.

EXCUSE ME???? Did you forget something??? Did you lose interest in the task of getting dressed???? Leggings, as many issues as I have with them, I can't complain about. Because they are technically trousers. Something you wear to cover your tookus. TIGHTS DO NOT QUALIFY! Especially when they're fishnets and I can see your neon underwear through your shirt and your tights. I mean really. They don't even try to make the oversized shirt into a dress by adding a belt. Really girls, it just looks tacky, and a little trashy. Though, judging by the rest of your ensemble and that of your friends, I suppose that's probably the look you were going for. *sigh* I may not adhere to fashion, but I don't generally have any qualms with it as long as it's classy. You, are not. Sorry.

Moving on, onto a slightly more serious note that I'm actually really curious about: Headscarves. There are a LOT of Muslims in London (especially when you're walking in the area near the Iranian Embassy) I understand that a lof of the women (by choice or otherwise) wear not only headscarves, but also the long robe (I'm trying to discern exactly what it's called, but as the internet is not always clear, I'll avoid any technical terms rather than be wrong. If you know the correct term, please do share!) that covers their clothes while out in public.

I always thought that it was worn as a sign of modesty, and an attempt to hide the female figure from attention, etc. And I get that. I might not necessairly, agree, but I get it. What I don't understand is, if you're dousing yourself in flowing black fabric in order to hide yourself, WHY is it acceptable to wear three pounds of fancy makeup? Another thing that I don't understand is, what is the point of wearing the long black robe as well as the headscarf if you're only wearing the headscarf loosely and showing the front of your hair? Take the black robe out of that even - why bother with the scarf at all if you're still showing a bit of your hair? I really truly wish that I could ask these questions to a Muslim woman and receive actual answers, not regurgitated chatechismal replies.

And then there's the 'Biggest' fashion faux pas of all:
Just in case you were curious about why I refer to him as Henry the Codpiece.


Anonymous said...

I think you may be describing the Chador (a usually black loose-fitting semicircular open front robe worn over the clothing and hijab). Other Muslim/Islamic dress includes the Hijab or headscarf; a Niqab or face cover, usually attached to a hijab; the Burqa a completly covering outer garment, usually bluish in color with mess eye cover and drags 2 inches on the ground; the Abaya - a long cloak, usually Black, worn over clothing and covers all but the hands/feet and face though almost always worn with a niqab; the Jibab - loose fitting overcoat worn with a hijab in public; a Khimar a headcovering/veil that covers to the hands. Their are different interpretations as to what "modest dress" is required by Muslim law. Hope this helps.

Whyte Fairy said...

Thank you, Darlene! I believe that I am, in fact, referring to the Chador and/or the Jibab. ^_^

Jill said...

you know, guenevere.. i was going to tell you to ask darlene.. and she beat me to it!!

haha.. there's nothing wrong with talking about fashion!! it's definitely on our brains especially after the wedding exhibit :) ohhh, and i love the henry picture!