Friday, 13 August 2010

Gloved and Dangerous!

Final Glove post! Mostly movie stars! Oh la la!

Also, Target has some spectacular Steampunk style jewelry right now, just in case anyone feels like buying some for my Steampunk Fairy costume... ^_^

That aside, Onto the Gloves! Beginning with.....

An ADORABLE Marilyn Monroe, who is Clearly excited to be wearing such smashingly shiny gloves! (and to be featured here, of course!)

I know it's super tiny, but I just wanted to include another photograph of children wearing gloves. I have quite a few like this one, in which they are wearing pretty lacy mitts, but children will be children, and the majority of them are blurry due to movement (or, you know, too old to tell).

Actress Patsy Ruth Miller with some fancy embroidered gloves!

Pretty Pretty Pretty PRETTY Lace gloves! (Fantastic hair as well! This is another one of those photographs, and I can't remember which kind it is, that just captures all of the minute details of the sitter in a way that makes you think you could reach in and touch her wrinkled dress!)

Actress Lilian Harvey! I think we know what the real stars of this photograph are! ;)

Ms. (mostly because I really don't know) Mary Ann Bartlett, in 1850. Fringe! Her mitts have fringe! Look! Look at the fringe! ^_^ I am also enamored with her dress! I love the front of it! Her necklace is also rather unusual looking!

The gorgeous Gene Tierney, showing off those gorgeous gloves in the 1940s!

This is where we lose the real people and are left with nothing but glamorous movie stars and their glamorous gloves! Look! It's an army of gloved Ginger Rogers's! Run! Or rather - DANCE! From the set of the 1937 film Shall We Dance

Photographed sometime between 1855 and 1865, actress Laura Keene sports short kid gloves with her short sleeves, rather than lacy fingerless gloves. I wonder what color they were.

And finally, we come to the end of our gloved days with none other than Glorious Gloria Swanson, silent film vamp. Showing off her own take on fingerless gloves, she wears her fishnets on her arms rather than her legs. And she looks stunning all the while.

Oh. And I almost forgot. I made these! ^_^

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Gorgeousness! Thanks for sharing, lovely!

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