Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Here Comes The Bride

Dear Everybody,

Come visit PA's Anthracite Heritage Museum, where we just opened up a brand new exhibit:
Just Married: 70 Years of Weddings in Coal Country

You know, the one I tried to get you all to send your wedding photos into? Yes. That one. It's PRETTY. ^_^ (And yes, that's also the mural I've been whinging about) In even better news, we're raffling off this dress:
It's worth $2300. Raffle tickets are $10. You should see the lace. Seriously. Come up here and look at the lace. I'm very much buying a raffle ticket. I feel like my chances are good, as nobody else has bought one yet. What would I need with such a thing? Oh right. I'm engaged. ^_^

These are NOT in the exhibit. But they ARE lovely!

1850: I am blown away by the clarity and detail in this photograph. I expect to be able to reach into the photograph and touch the veil.

1870: French and tres plain

1887: John Hartwel Coyle and Emma Buehler, an excellent example of Not-All-Wedding-Dresses-Were-White, even after Victoria. We have a not white dress in our exhibit!

1907: The elegant wedding of Mrs. Godfrey Faussett, with Enid, Violet, Ida Dudley Ward and Georgiana Dudley Ward. Simply Beautiful.

1916: Mrs. Edsel B. Ford's (yes, THOSE Fords) bridal party. I want every dress in this stunning photograph. Another one that just blows me away with its clarity. Though I could do without the furry bits...

1920s: We have shorter dresses now. And EPIC veils!

1930s: We have longer dresses again! Veils are still epic, and the headdresses have been seriously reigned in (not that you could tell from this post. Maybe I'll some you some stellar examples another time. Or you could come see some in person at the exhibit...)

June 27, 1946: Phyllis and her Unknown Husband: Sometimes you can't afford a new white wedding dress. Sometimes you make yours out of a parachute. Not Phyllis though. And not in our exhibit either. But still really nifty. Isn't she cute though?

1950s: Philip Kuznick Jr. and Anna Clara Lena Eisenmann (Ali's grandparents! Yay!) Dresses went FOOF!

1960: Dresses are short, simple, and the groom has a spectacular hat!


Jill said...

pretty! i love the 1930s dress and picture.... i'm beginning to see a pattern here on the 30s, haha.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a pretty dress. The lacework looks incredible in the picture.

moorvy said...

Love, love, LOVE the 1850's picture (well I would, wouldn't I?)

Whyte Fairy said...

I know! I just love the clarity that you get with some of the really old photographs that you just don't get with the later ones. It's a certain kind - and I don't know what. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Color film isn't capable of producing the same clarity as black n white or sepia film. The pictures also erode faster because of thier chemical makeup and the nature of their development processes.