Wednesday, 11 August 2010

More Gloves?

Yes! Of course more gloves! It is my goal to bring back glove wearing (you know, in more than just the winter)! (and hat wearing! especially for the gents, but more on that another time)

We begin today with 1930s actress Olivia de Havilland (hmmm. looks like I need to find another ___ de ___ for the next post...) Another one of the most beautiful ladies I've ever seen (and so cute!) She's also STILL ALIVE! The last living leading cast member from Gone With The Wind. Check out her flarey gloves (and AMAZING hat!)

Here's a fella' for you! (Even though he, too, has been posted here before) He's got excellent knitted gloves though. (Waves at Katie!)

And now for some serious Glitz with a capital G from actress Merle Oberon in 1935. Her hair is phenomenal as well!

Lovely Lace from the 1850s! (Love the bonnet!)

More modern lacy fingerless gloves (in white! like mine! you'll see them soon!) on English Opera Singer/Actress Ruth Vincent:

There are so many other categories that this Charming photograph could fall into. But I have so few photographs of children and their gloves. And they're so dainty! Taken by Paul Sano in 1920. (I imagine she'll make more appearances...)

1940s film actress Dorothy Lamour doing that thing she does with gloves and heavily shadowed eyes.

A 1960 San Francisco street scene.

The luscious Fay Wray, yes, of King Kong fame:

And lastly, Pretty Pretty Pretty! From 1844


Jill said...

gloves are definitely fancy, but i don't know how people wore them when it's hot outside!

Whyte Fairy said...

Not at all! I was actually hoping to find lots of examples of women wearing them in the 50s - because I definitely think of well groomed ladies with their hats and gloves then. But no dice! Apparently they didn't want to wear them out when it was hot either!