Friday, 6 August 2010

National Breastfeeding Week

Well, the end of, anyway.

I have photos for that! (Following, of course, on the idea that I have antique photos stored in here for virtually every occasion) (except weird things like school, and fish. and most other themes that people suggest to me. You should suggest something. I just might post about it!)

1899: "The Manger" by Gertrude Käsebier

1896: "Madone Moderne" by Archibald Goldie


1931: Eastern Djur, Africa

1936: "Migrant Mother"
Part of the famous set of a migrant family in Nipomo, California by Dorthea Lang

These last two photographs (I don't have enough in my collection for the normal 10 photographs) I find highly intriguing, the first one especially. In a time when women draped themselves in as many layers as possible and even covered up the tables for fear that seeing a table's legs would drive folks to think of bare people legs and from there to unmentionable acts, these women are baring their breasts in photographs! I was, honestly, shocked to find these. I'm very excited to have them, and share them with you.



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Anonymous said...

"The Manger" photo was very nicely down. The last too do seem strange considering the modesty obsession of the period. However, Breast feeding was seen as natural and completly non-sexual until modern times. Of course in some places it still is not a big issue like here.