Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tag! I'm it!

So apparently I've been tagged, twice, no less! That means I MUST answer the questions, I suppose.

The rules are to answer 8 questions and then make up 8 new ones and tag 8 others for them to answer!

1. What is the favorite outfit you ever styled for yourself?
Definitely the Faery costume in the fourth photograph of my banner/header thing. I've never worn it since and I'd tweak it if I did, but I suppose that's perfectly ok, as it's up to us to always be changing and improving!

2. If you could have any designer design a custom gown for you, who would you pick?
Um. I don't really know designers. However, my mum and I are working together to design the perfect wedding dress!

3. If someone offered you a job in the fashion industry, would you accept it?
I honestly don't know. If by fashion, you mean costuming, then definitely! But I don't really see anything I'd design on the side of a bus or even the Red Carpet. I tend to run a bit too fantastical.

4. What is the one place in the world you'd like to visit?
The Glastonbury Tor. I did manage to make it to Glastonbury, but we only had about 45 minutes there before we were whisked away to our next tour destination. Someday I'll go back, and I'll climb it the hard way.

5. If you could tag along on a world tour for your favorite band/artist, who would that be?
Well, they're definitely not my favorite band, but most probably Albannach! Really, long haired, Kilted Scottish men playing the pipes and drums? Is a better scenario even possible?

6. If you could walk a red carpet, which carpet would you want to walk?
Um, I guess the Oscars? It's pretty prestigious and, in my mind anyway, the classiest of all of the awards shows.

7. What's your favorite book and why?
Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. I generally throw it across the room at least three times during reading it (which is fewer than with Tess of the D'Urburvilles, but still, throwing books at all is pretty sacrilegious), but it's only because it makes me care so much about the characters that it really makes me mad when they make bad life decisions. I actually care, and that's the difference between just reading a book to find out what happens at the end.

8. Would a reality show about your life be interesting?
Oh. The Drama.

I now tag: Woodland Walker
Miss Rants

I don't actually have 8 people to tag.... *sigh* (And I don't want to get annoying and ask others to do this multiple times)
But I can make 8 questions!

1) What is your favorite tea and why?
2) If the fashion of any other time/decade had to come back, which would you choose it to be?
3) What was/is your favorite children's book?
4) What was the last 'fun' thing you bought? From where?
5) Would you rather spend your summer vacation at the beach or in the mountains?
6) Would you rather be the hero or the damsel in distress? Why?
7) What are you looking forward to doing when you retire?
8) If you could have a personal assistant, what is one crazy (but legitimate) thing you'd make them do every day?

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