Thursday, 5 August 2010

Tea of the Day!

ANOTHER blog post, all in a row! Life is about to get fairly hectic (PA Ren Faire begins in two weeks!!) - as in back to work 7 days a week for a LONG time. I'm going to try to stay more focused on getting posts up in a timely fashion, as well as spending slightly less time with Etsy so that I can do more other things (like this! - really, writing and sewing, but neither of those displays my love for my dear readers!) But please don't hate me if I just don't get to this for a week at a time. *Puss'n'Boots eyes* And now, the real reason we're all here: TEA!

England DENIED me tea THREE TIMES! Just throwing that out there. It was more than made up for by this delicious afternoon tea in Ye Olde Windsor with Bonnie and James at the Crooked House (seriously. 500 years of settling. it's brilliant) (and this was after we'd demolished quite a bit of it...)
But STILL! And now for today's ACTUAL tea:

Peach Tranquility (Teavana): 4.5/5

Omg! What's this? An herbal tea that DOESN'T taste like Hibiscus!?!?! I must be dreaming! Luckily I'm not, because Peach Tranquility is DE-licious! I have to say that I very much enjoy it more as an iced tea (especially this summer!) than a hot tea. It is made up of candied peach pieces, pineapple, lemon myrtle, Roman chamomile, sunflower petals and rosehips. (I'm fairly convinced I saw a bay leaf or two in there as well...) (You'd think that the lack of actual Hibiscus would make it obvious that it wouldnt taste like such. You should re-read my post about rose hips.) It is very light, VERY refreshing, very sweet, and Actually tastes like Peaches! Yay!

Extra! Breakfast teas are hearty, often incorporating Keemun or Assam, the boldest of teas. They are bright and strongly colored with a brisk, eye-opening flavor.

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Anonymous said...

The tea sounds great; I'll have to try it some time.