Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tea of the Day!

Yuanyang: Rating up to you!

So Devon introduced me to a new drink this past weekend! Can't decide if you'd rather coffee or tea? Have them BOTH! Hot or cold, this beverage (popular in Hong Kong) is coffee, tea and milk, all in the same cup! As I am no coffee drinker, it was not quite to my taste, as the coffee definitely overpowered the tea. However, the tea was by no means lost in the cup. So for all of you coffee drinkers, here is something new to try! Enjoy!

Extra: What's in a Tea?
Tea enthusiasts describe and assess individual teas on the basis of the following characteristics: (except me, apparently)
*Appearance: How do the dried leaves look? Are they all of the same color and shape? What is the color of the steeped liquid?
*Scent: How do the leaves smell? How does the tea smell after it is steeped?
*Flavor: How does the tea taste after the first sip? Later? After a second or third infusion? Is there an aftertaste, either good or bad?
*Body: Is the tea strong or weak? Does it feel full bodied or thin when drunk?
*Astringency: A pungency or bite that puckers the mouth. Is the drink more or less astringent?

Each tea is different, as is each personal response. These are all characteristics to be savored - the enjoyment of tea should not be rushed.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! I very well may look into this tea. Also, was this Devon from undergrad? If so, yay!

Love you,
Dark Fae

PS-Tried to send you pretty pagan music this morning, but kept getting error messages from your email server. Are you sure your box isn't full?

Whyte Fairy said...

Yes, it is the same Devon! I spent a lovely weekend with them and the kitties! ^_^

Yay for pretty pagan music! But hmmmm. The page says that (because I clean out my inbox a lot) I have used less than 1% of 10 GB. :-/ Try whytefairy@gmail.com?