Thursday, 30 September 2010

Pride Goeth Before a Review

So I finally broke down and read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. After reading (read: sparknoting) Emma, I swore myself off of Jane Austen forEVER as dry and dull and pointless. Not quite George Eliot. But close. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Understand, I did by no means rush into P&P and love every line of it from beginning to end. In fact, I almost gave up several times, really just wondering why I was reading pages upon pages in which NOTHING HAPPENED. And there were so many more pages to go. (To be fair, I had an idea of what to expect, having seen the Bollywood take on it: Bride and Prejudice. Excellent and highly recommended!) But I trudged wearily onwards!

I do not remember where it happened - probably around the time Mr. Darcy started being awkwardly in love with Elizabeth - but I suddenly found that I could not wait to find out what happened. The thought of putting the book down was terrible! The last hundred pages positively flew by! Overall, I am extremely glad that I read the book! I might even move on to actually reading Charlotte Bronte next!

My favorite character was Mr. Bennett. He was so funny!

Anyway, for those who do not know, a brief plot synopsis:

Mrs. Bennett has five daughters, not the best household income, and high ambitions. She tries to set her eldest, Jane, up with the new rich boy in town. They happen to be of a mind, but his friend, the stuck up and snobbishly rich Mr. Darcy, who insults Jane's younger sister Elizabeth almost immediately, breaks up the match for various reasons. In the midst of all of this, Elizabeth is proposed to (she being the second sister and all believing that the first is being spoken for) by her cousin Mr. Collins, a parish priest and highly obnoxious. She declines, amidst his protests that she's really just being modest and coy. Her best friend finally ends up marrying him, and the two are happy together, unlike Jane and Elizabeth. Elizabeth, in the meantime, has met Mr. Wickham, a former companion of Mr. Darcy who we learn at his introduction has fallen beyond out of favor with Darcy. Several plot points later, Elizabeth declines Mr. Darcy's proposal, realizes she loves him, and Lydia, another sister, runs away with the dastardly wicked Wickham! What will the family do with this taint to their honor! Will Mr. Darcy save the day? (Obviously.)

I'm so happy I read this! Are her other novels as good?


Jenni said...

I love P&P!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of trying to read it sometime if I can get over my anti-romance predudice.