Monday, 25 October 2010


Well, due to the OVERWHELMING attendance at last year's Halloween bash (all two of you), we're trying it again! So welcome to the party! Prithee comment with your favorite costume!

We lead off with last year's Winner(s):

1) Two Cackling Witches, Flying Again!

2) The Dodge Sisters as That Good Ol' Ball and Chain!

3) The Mysterious Mister Darcy!
(Always lurking in the corners, avoiding contact with his fellow men)

4) The White Tree of Gondor!

5) The Queen of Spades!
(The Queen of Hearts had prior obligations. I always liked Spades better anyway.)

6) KITTY! (1910)

7) Jack Skellington!
(Taking a break from being the Pumpkin King to star as Abraham Lincoln!)

8) The Goddess Aphrodite, blown in from the sea in a clam shell...

9) Dear Mrs. Tinkman and her Dearly Departed Daughter...

10) Ride 'em Cowgirls!

11) Sally Rand as a Fanciful Feather Fan!

12) Mlle Whiard as the NEW Queen of the Starfish!

13) Joan Crawford as the Not-So-Wicked Witch!

14) Joan Blondell as Bozo the Clown!

15) Ruth St. Denis as a Peacock! *strut strut*

16) The Bride of Frankenstein (another one of last year's guests!) brought her husband!
(But all they've done is stand over the punch bowl and yell...)

17) Hedy Lamarr as a Star Struck Sky!

18) Murray Carrington (I'm so happy that more gentlemen showed up this year!) as Oberon

19) Ann Blyth as The Little Mermaid! (1948)

and finally:

20) Elsie Janis as Mr. Toad on his Wild Ride! Poo Poo!

Leave your votes below! Happy Haunting! ^_^


irishshammrocks said...

I'm voting for Mr. Darcy!! :)

Whyte Fairy said...

Of course you are! ;)

Oakwise said...

I'm voting for Mr. Cowgirls. now you're only 50% of the electorate! bwahahahahaha!

moorvy said...

Mr Toad. I look just like that when I'm driving... :)

woodlandwalker said...

Mr. Toad! In honor of that ride being dropped at Disney world. :( But that photo is great!

Anonymous said...

Cackling Witches Flying... partly because I want to do that. ;)

Jill said...

Mr. Skellington! Jill