Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tea of the Day!

I did a bad thing. I bought, yes, more tea (review and photographs of the event to follow). Irishshammrocks pointed out that I have, "like, 20 different kinds of tea. I thought that number sounded a bit small. Leaving aside the odd collection of bagged tea I have jumbled together in a canister, I officially have in the vicinity of 47 teas! That's not including the ones that I just have a few random bags of (you know, the kind I steal from the continental breakfasts and whatnot), so let's round up to about 50 different kinds of tea! I should really get to reviewing them, what say? In the meantime, I was shown this little gem by some friends. I was apparently thought of.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Medieval Monday on Thursday: I Finally Saw Robin Hood!!!

A new theater opened up and spent their first week showing old movies for a $2 donation to cancer. And the most recent Robin Hood was one of them!! Here is what I took away from it:

All Robin Hood movies MUST feature the Bayeux Tapestry.


To: Engand
Re: King John


To: King John
Hate you.
Hate the French more.
Love, Your Not-So-Loyal-Subjects


Dear Hollywood,
Do you think that maybe, once upon a time in the future, I could possibly, maybe, you know, NOT die at the end of the movie?
Thanks, Mark Strong

P.S. If not, then you really need to arrange for A. Rickman and I to wear poufy shirts and be epically evil together for two and a half hours.


Seriously though, I thought the movie was brilliant. I really liked the reinterpretation of it. As Katie and I discussed, the heroes are always portrayed as some hot young couple. If Robin spent at least 10 years on crusade, which he always does, then he's at least going on 30, not 23. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the women were portrayed - as people who had to run the manor when the men were away at war (which they always were), not the frail embroiderers that people seem to think they were. Cate is gorgeous. The costuming was gorgeous. I can't wait for the next installment!

I was just thinking earlier about sitting in a tiny little crowded bookstore in the back end of a barn in Oxfordshire, sipping tea on a November evening. It was full of publishers' remainders and the libraries of retired medievalists. I would love to go back there and spend a few hours surrounded by history and debating which of it I most wanted to take home.

May I go back to England now, please?

Monday, 1 November 2010



Lucy Burns was jailed in 1917 because she asked for the right to vote.

In 1919 Eunice Dana Brannan, Doris Stevens, and Alison Turnbull Hopkins went to jail because they wanted their right to vote.

Vidia Milholland was imprisoned in 1917 over the right to vote.

So was Helen Hill Weed.

And Pauline Adams.

Alice Paul was tortured in prison
because she continued to protest by refusing to eat.

Dora Lewis was beaten unconscious.

In 1919 Lucy Gwynne Branham was arrested, jailed, released,
and wore her prison gown to future protests.

These women marched on Washington long before Stewart and Colbert did.

People were beaten in the streets
so that you could walk into that little curtained booth.

I don't care you you vote for. Just vote.

And the Winner Is....

Now that we've all recovered from the Halloween party (and extensive Trick-or-Treating!), we have (omg!) a WINNER in this year's Halloween Costume Contest!!!

Would Mr. Toad please come forward!

Because this year's attendees to my blog are AWESOME we had THREE TIMES the amount of votes as last year!! (That still only means 6, folks! Let's go for 10 next year!) So thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted! Honorable mentions go to:

Mr. Darcy (sorry, Katie!)
The Cowgirls!
Jack Skellington
And our Waterskiing Witches get a vote two years in a row! (Maybe they'll try again for a spot on the podium next year!)(And hopefully the Frankensteins won't get quite so sloshed!)

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Halloween!