Monday, 1 November 2010

And the Winner Is....

Now that we've all recovered from the Halloween party (and extensive Trick-or-Treating!), we have (omg!) a WINNER in this year's Halloween Costume Contest!!!

Would Mr. Toad please come forward!

Because this year's attendees to my blog are AWESOME we had THREE TIMES the amount of votes as last year!! (That still only means 6, folks! Let's go for 10 next year!) So thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted! Honorable mentions go to:

Mr. Darcy (sorry, Katie!)
The Cowgirls!
Jack Skellington
And our Waterskiing Witches get a vote two years in a row! (Maybe they'll try again for a spot on the podium next year!)(And hopefully the Frankensteins won't get quite so sloshed!)

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Halloween!

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