Monday, 1 November 2010



Lucy Burns was jailed in 1917 because she asked for the right to vote.

In 1919 Eunice Dana Brannan, Doris Stevens, and Alison Turnbull Hopkins went to jail because they wanted their right to vote.

Vidia Milholland was imprisoned in 1917 over the right to vote.

So was Helen Hill Weed.

And Pauline Adams.

Alice Paul was tortured in prison
because she continued to protest by refusing to eat.

Dora Lewis was beaten unconscious.

In 1919 Lucy Gwynne Branham was arrested, jailed, released,
and wore her prison gown to future protests.

These women marched on Washington long before Stewart and Colbert did.

People were beaten in the streets
so that you could walk into that little curtained booth.

I don't care you you vote for. Just vote.


irishshammrocks said...

aww!! That was a cute post! :) and I love G.W. at the end! Who of course to this 18th century reenactor is the best president ever! :)

Jill said...

such a good post. you'll be happy to know i did vote. ha.

Laura Harrington said...

Great post