Sunday, 19 December 2010

Medieval Monday! - Annual Renaissance Faire Edition

I know it says "Medieval", but according to the *gentleman* walking behind me at the Faire the other week, he was at the Renaissance Faire, walking around with all of the Medieval people. So we're going to run with that. Eventually we'll run into a wall upon which we can bang our heads, but that's later. So, where have I, your dearly beloved blogger, been?

(I'm the adorable little one)
Well. When I was three, my parents took me to the PA Renaissance Faire. Awwww.

They had awesome stuff like costumes and jousting rides for wee ones!
Fast forward to this July:

And I knew that was silly, because I already did! ^_^
And here's how that went:

Me and Sam!

Cassie, Jess, Kat, Jordan, Lucie!

Merry Berry Holiday Potpourri!

The Big Boss Lady and her husband, Master Smokey!

The Wacky Jul, Jordan and Hilary!

The place where the Potpourri Magic happens!

Blue Mike! (In green...) Not to be confused with

Master Mike!

Me and Jordan!

Craziness over. I now have free time!



Anonymous said...

Yay Renn Faire. I got to chaprone a trip to the Texas Renn Faire, some guy there was dressed like Adem (speedo with leaves glued on) at least medieval is closer to the rennassance. I join you with the head beanging against wall. Dee

Whyte Fairy said...

Hahahaha! Oh my...