Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Lost Review!

ANOTHER PERCY JACKSON BOOK!!!! Kind of. Not really though. Katie plopped Rick Riordan's latest 500+ page epic in front of me. I couldn't put it down. The Lost Hero, the first in the Heroes of Olympus series, is awesome!

So, what's with the Percy Jackson comment above? Well, despite being all about the kids at Camp Half-Blood, Percy Jackson isn't there AT ALL! OH NO!! Reasons? Look to the title, dear readers! But ooooooo! Mr. Riordan's title is a double edged sword, for instead of Percy Jackson (don't worry, he'll be back in later books. Annabeth's freaking out though) we have Jason. You say you don't know who Jason is? That's ok, he doesn't either! The book opens with Jason waking up on a bus, holding hands with a girl (Piper) who is talking to a guy (Leo) who claims to be Jason's best friend. Unfortunately, Jason seems to have forgotten who he is, why he's on a bus, and who these people are! (I can't tell you, there's a field trip to the Grand Canyon, and two other demigods) That's about when the Storm Spirits attack and their chaperone turns into a satyr.

After making it to Camp Half-Blood, the three of them are obviously picked to go on a quest (what else do you do with new characters?), though everyone is freaking Jason out by making odd comments (or avoiding making comments) to him. There's also the fact that he's claimed by Zeus. (Zeus was a very naughty man) And keeps referring to the gods by their Roman names and speaking Latin instead of Ancient Greek. Also, there's a giant flying metal dragon.

I can't give much more of the plot without either making your reading it a moot point or giving away the awesomeness that is promised in the next book(s). It's definitely a first book of a series - introductions of new characters, and setting up for bigger and better action, but what it has is pretty awesome. But let's just say if you liked the Percy Jackson series, you'll like this one. If you didn't like the Percy Jackson books, you should probably check for a pulse. I'm just really excited about the Roman influences. ^_^ Anyway, a great book/series for boys (and girls!) who like fantasy and adventure (or Ancient Greece...)!


Anonymous said...

Cool, I'll put it on my to read list. Dee

Whyte Fairy said...

Do! Make sure you start with the first series (it starts with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - If you saw the movie I'm terribly sorry. Know that the book is infinitely better!)