Monday, 10 January 2011

Medieval Monday!

Brazenly Borrowed from a back issue of Renaissance Magazine, I give you

Children's Books of the Middle Ages!

The Polar Plague Express
How the Guelph Stole Christmas
Peter and the Beowulf
Sleeping Bayeux-ty
Richard the Scary's Book of A-B-Sieges
Goldilocks and the Three Barbarians
Good Knight Moon
Little Erik the Red Riding Hood
The Lyon King
The Little Siege Engine that Could
Charlemagne's Web
Saxon, Plain and Tall
The Berenstein Barbarians
Winnie the Pope
Make Way for Dauphins
Chaucer and the Chocolate Factory
King James I and the Giant Peach
The Little Picts
and lastly...
Horton Hears a Hugenot!

(Hopefully at least a few of you found this amusing!)

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was very funny. Darlene