Monday, 3 January 2011


Well, since I'm out of cats (seriously, I have about two photographs that did not make it into that week's posts), we'll turn our attention to Man's Best Friend! (Even though most of these dogs are posed with women...)

I love the little girl's dress! I'm also proud of the dog
for staying still for what had to be quite some time!

This is Noble, Queen Victoria's(!) favourite collie. He's regally fluffy and daren't move a muscle until the photographer is finished,
for he is a Good Dog who amuses Her Majesty.

1870: A milk maid with a dog-drawn cart and an Inspector
(of milk, carts, or dogs, I couldn't say) in Antwerp, Belgium

1885: Annie Moore Southgate with Zoe, the (naked?) Italian Greyhound.
She's a very small Greyhound. She looks cold. And a bit hairless...

1890s: The dog merely looks concerned with the presence of the photographer. Her hat is trying to run away from him!

1910: Either it is a little old lady dog, complete with shawl (it looks to have polka dots?) and unkept hair, or the child got bored with the grooming process. Now she's trying to hypnotize the dog so it doesn't realize how awkward it looks.

1928 "The Puppy", taken in Paris.
All together now: Aaaaaaawwwwwwwww!

Leave No Dog Behind! Keeping warm during WWII

1950s: A well groomed English pooch practising her turning signals
for that grueling paper route!

Actress Camille Clifford and her adorable puppy who looks as frightened as I would be to be so near to that hairstyle! If you are familiar with Miss Clifford you will know that she rarely ever smiles in photographs. Her awkwardly crooked front teeth have been suggested as the primary reason why.
Bad teeth or no, I find her stunning (and occasionally adorable!)


Cricket said...

With the exception of Queen Victoria's dog (because she obviously has good taste) why do rich people always like the ugly dogs? Lame.

Whyte Fairy said...

I couldn't begin to tell you. Actually, I can. They need something that's just as inbred as they are. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Aww, so cute; I love puppies...and furry little creatures in general.