Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tea of the Day!

Green Rooibus Tea (Wellcat): 2/5

According to Teavanna (not that you've seen any of their products here. I'm not quite rich enough for that. But if anyone feels the need to send me samples... ^_^):

Green Rooibus is another take on the (Red) Rooibus teas which come from "an African red bush".
  • High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • May help control allergies and fight colds
  • Good for your skin and complexion
  • Helps improve digestion
  • Naturally caffeine-free
(Back to me) Green and Red Rooibus come from the same plant - it is the processing that makes the difference (the same as with black/green/white teas).

Ok. So, I give it a 2. To be fair, it by no means tastes 'bad', but I don't see myself ever coming home and thinking "I'd like a nice cup of Green Rooibus tea!" (Though who knows?) It is both a little bland for my tastes (I tend to like the fruitier teas, you might have noticed), though also being a little pungent initially (which seems to have worn off as I continue the glass). It also tastes a wee bit grassy, but not awful. I recommend if you're bored of plain green tea, but do not wish to get too adventurous!

Extra: Because tea was so expensive in seventeenth-century England, servants weren't allowed to handle the precious leaves. The lady of the house kept it in Chinese jars in her closet alongside the tea bowls and pots.


(The musings of a recently indoctrinated Dr. Who fan...)


irishshammrocks said...

Oh *swoon* *sigh* My Doctor! :)

Whyte Fairy said...

I know! *swoons too*

Anonymous said...

Did not know about the allergy thing.