Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sheep to Shawl 2!

1885 More spinning Welshwomen!

Spinning in Brittany!

1895 More Spinning in France (I'm beginning to feel redundant...)

1865 Spinning in Alsace!

1895 Still spinning in France!

1880s Spinning in Wales!

1865, Alsace. Look! We've finally finished winding our wool! Now we can move on to KNITTING! Woo hoo!

1912 Knitting in France!

The Unknown Knitter

1912 Grandmother Briggs. Because some of us like to Crochet. ^_^


Anonymous said...

likeing the ethnic costumes especially Brittany and Alsace. Darlene

Whyte Fairy said...

I love the GIANT Alsatian hair bows!