Saturday, 12 March 2011

Forget Cowboys, Where Have All The Well-Dressed Men Gone?

Maybe I've been immersing myself in too much 19th century romance lately. (Read Jane Eyre, started North and South, watched Pride and Prejudice, TRAGICALLY have not seen Jane Eyre yet, hopefully will see The Scarlett Pimpernel this week...)

Or maybe men really just need to start wearing top hats again.
(For the express purpose of tipping them at women, of course. ^_^)

1853: Painter William Sydney Mount

1861: Half of my History Crush, Albert, The Prince Consort!

1840: Henry & William Pinkney Rodgers

"I Say! Bertie, Old Chap! What a fine pair of top hats those two had! Do you think we should nick them?"
"Of course not, Rupert, what's the use of being thus spectacularly coiffed if you're just going to stuff it under a hat?"

1854 Jacob Wertheim, son in law of photographer Eduard Isaac Asser
Notice the checkered trousers and fancy watch chain! (To say nothing of his mustache!)

Edward Brooks, in a Fantastic stance! With a Fantastic vest! And ring! And monocle! (And what looks like a walking stick as well!)

And speaking of checkered trousers, this French dandy from 1860 is an Expert!

1850s Mr Fehrenbach
Love the tailored jackets!

1850s This man has FRINGE on his Cravat!

Occasionally I also love non-tailored jackets...provided they are accompanied by a top hat and cane!

ps: I have another extra special Friday post! Keep watching!


irishshammrocks said...

Love it! :)

Cricket said...

Oh Mr. Darcy *sighs* Maybe I can get Kevin to play dress up.

Anonymous said...

Rawr! Its the Elf! I've made a few ...modifications... and I'd like to make more from these old photos. This is what I've done for now :D (and then THE french, seriously I need to watch my grammar...)

Jill said...

some of these guys should be on the blog bangable dudes in history!

Whyte Fairy said...

Cricket: Wait until Friday!!!!!

Tom: I LOVE you! I'll bring back the caption contest just as soon as I remember to! :-D


Peerless said...

Testing testing

Here are some more modifications!

Anonymous said...

Top Hat + Walking Stick = Coolness