Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hallelujah, It's Raining Men!


1848 and the Top Hat of Destiny!
(or something...)

1852 Which is more impressive? My vest or my spiffing swirling vortex of Scottish hair?

1860 Reverend Rendall Fantastic Posture. Especially when Leaning.

Epic Top Hat man's younger brother? Also smoking a cigar, but not yet full grown in the Hat.

1848 William Young McAllister
Because everyone knows a well cut jacket and a well trimmed beard put the Man in Gentleman!

Mixing patterns (well!) since the 1850s!
(The gold watch chain and Wolverine hair-do make it okay, Mummy said so)

1865 It's all about one's posture. And possibly velvet lapels...

1860 Lord Dufferin (Governor General and Viceroy of India)

1853 Johannes Brahms (my OTHER History Crush!)

And lastly, I leave you with this Gentleman (he came to the Halloween Party as Mr. Darcy, remember?) I have no information about him, and am pretty sure that he is an actor of some sort. He's also a teaser for Friday. ^_^


Peerless said...

I have done another :D Thank you for the image!


Anonymous said...

Love the laid back poses with the spiffy get-ups in some of the pictures. It oozes debonair confidence. Darlene

moorvy said...

Johannes Brahms now added to my History Crush list... ;D