Monday, 14 March 2011

Jane Review!

So, I got over my bad self and FINALLY (read: 8 years later) read Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Mostly, I was busy having a love affair with sister Emily's Wuthering Heights, and refused to believe that anything else could be that good. My words taste good this week. ^_^

(And after gulping it all down, I did NOT get to see the movie! Stupid limited release! *stamps little foot*)

Life is Hard. Jane is an orphan living in her Aunt's home. Instead of accepting her as family, Aunt Reed takes the position that Jane is from her late husband's family, not her own, and refuses to treat her with any sort of kindness ("How can anyone love a pebble in one's shoe?" ~Ever After) She is then sent to school (which is always boarding school), at which the girls are frozen and starved, and the teachers can do nothing about it. It is here that Jane is humiliated beyond her imagination, and also makes her very first friend!

After Jane outgrows being a student, she stays on in the isolated little school as a teacher for two years. After her beloved headmistress leaves, Jane finds she must leave in search of something more, so she advertises for a position as a governess. She is hired at faraway Thornfield house to teach a little French girl, Adele. What she does not realize at first is that the woman who receives her is not the mistress of Thornfield, only the housekeeper. With only a skeleton crew of servants and the child, Jane's life again lapses into spirit crushing monotony. Then Mr. Rochester comes home. ^_^

I'll leave it there. (Though I will say that there are almost 100 Mr. Rochesterless pages in the middle that are just TRAGIC!) I was quite sad about that (and said so. Frequently.) It is definitely the amazing love story avid readers claim that it is. The beginning is long, but not uninteresting in the slightest. It got to the point where I could not read the book fast enough and just wanted to absorb it into my brain! Whatever scale I have been rating out of, I give Jane Eyre full marks and then some!


irishshammrocks said...

This is me doing the told you so dance! haha :) Love this book ever so much.

Cricket said...

Jane Eyre was one of the first period movies I ever saw (I might have seen {Persuasion first) when I was a pre-teen that started my love affair with all things awesome and hopelessly romantic. I vote Persuasion next! Or at least come watch the BBC movie with me.

Anonymous said...

I never liked this book. But I suppose a 6th grader with issues about romance and other such human connections wouldn't care for the classic romance novel. Beyond that I didn't care for the character Jane very much; for a clever girl/women she could be really stupid at times. I hope you get far more enjoymment out of the book than I did. Darlene

Whyte Fairy said...

I did indeed! I'd suggest giving it another shot - most people I know who read it before high school could not stand it.