Tuesday, 12 July 2011

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

So now we're back! (Well, I'm back. I just know that you've all been here the whole time, waiting in rapt attention with bated breath for my next post...) Wow. I've missed a ton! I kept trying to prepare a fantastical fairy post for you for May Day (when I went to the Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival as the Tea Fairie!), I missed commemorating Elizabeth Taylor, I missed Easter. I MISSED THE ROYAL WEDDING! (*sends self to the corner to think about what she's done*) So, if anyone would like to see what darling images I would have dredged up for the above posts, DO let me know and I shall be ever so obliging!

In more recent news: I WENT TO THE ZOOOOOOOO!


1935 Bear Castle, Frankfurt Zoo
I love watching the polar bears swim!

1870, London Zoo
One of the last living Quaggas, a subspecies of Zebra

1939 Feeding seals, Frankfurt Zoo

London Zoo
I've always wanted to ride on a giant tortoise! They look like fun!

1937 Zoo Keeper with Tiger, Frankfurt Zoo
(I still love black panthers the best though)
We saw the lions sitting in the shade. There are three females and one male. They are all 20 years old, in good health but, you know, moving slowly. One of the females got up and went over to where the male was sitting and gave him a big face nuzzle. They nuzzled for a few moments and then he gave her a bath. It was too cute.

London Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoo is officially no longer a zoo.
Official Zoo Guidelines (as understood by pretty much everyone everywhere) state that in order to be considered a zoo, one much have Elephants! The Philadelphia Zoo had two! One African and one Asian. Then I guess the rules on how much space per elephant a zoo is required to have changed and they had to send the elephants elsewhere! (One cannot really expand when one is in the middle of Philadelphia) I understand that you have to be fair to the animals and I truly hope that our former elephants are happy/ier wherever they are. But...but...but... I WANTED TO SEE THE ELEPHANTS!!!! *stamps foot*

1927 Monitor Lizard with Keeper, Frankfurt Zoo

London Zoo
He loves you too.

1926 Monkey House, Frankfurt Zoo

Coming later this week: Caption contest!!!


Cricket said...

When we went to the Philly Zoo let year for my 25th birthday I got to see the lions doing the bed spring tango. Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!

Whyte Fairy said...

Note to self: Don't visit the zoo in the dead of winter. Also, we need to hang out.

irishshammrocks said...

Oh I hate the zoo. It smells and its hot! haha I miss you darling!