Monday, 22 August 2011

Baby, Oh Baby!

My Best Bestie had one of these on July 20!


1926 Queen Elizabeth and the future Queen Elizabeth
(I LOVE the Queen Mum!)

1947 Germany
(This woman apparently had an exceedingly ugly triffid on the other side of her face)

1850s I'm curious about her dress - notice the short sleeves.
Status of a working woman/servant/nursemaid?
Or rich enough for a photograph while not having the money for good clean sleeves?

1912 Martin Fanta in Prague

Japan, Nineteenth Century

1894 William Allen Reynolds, 3 months old!

1887 Thomas Decatur Jones, son of Mattie Logan Southgate Jones and Thomas Decatur Jones Sr. (neither of whom is holding him)

1900 Gertrude O'Malley and her son Charles on the porch.
(I adore the way this photograph is lit. It looks so soft and full of love.)

Richard the Third and Dearest Darling Mum!


woodlandwalker said...

Bad blogger! But the bittles look adorable.

Anonymous said...

Aww cute babies. Short sleaves were actually fashionable in the 1850s; as skirt hoops got bigger, sleaves got shorter.

moorvy said...

I see Triffidism is catching... ;)

Anonymous said...

The baby picture of Thomas Decatur Jones, Jr, where o where did you find it. I am related to the family and find it amazing! My email is

Whyte Fairy said...

Oh my! That's fabulous! I don't actually know where I found it though... I started saving antique photographs off of the internet about 5 years before I knew what a blog was or that I would ever start one so my source documentation is sadly... nonexistent for most of my hoard. If I ever run across it again I shall definitely alert you!!