Sunday, 28 August 2011

Come On, Irene

In 2002 Tropical Storm Allison came up the East coast. My town is 1.5 square miles. People at the other end of town remember Allison as a really bad storm. People in the next town over don't remember it at all. I live across the street from the creek at the low end of town. We got WRECKED. (Ever hear the sound of a hundred car alarms drowning?)

Then comes Irene. And for some reason, the morning after, people think they're going to be able to drive through that part of town! The cops remembered 9 years ago and spent last evening watching the creek rise under the bridge so that they could block off the road in due time. The car dealer learned and moved all of their cars to higher ground ahead of time so when the giant bits of asphalt come floating by, they don't ruin the merchandise. One of the giant trees out front of the church split and fell across the road. And somehow, there's a freight car that docked in the empty car lot. Still not sure where that came from. (I'd give you photos of that. But a) they're still on L's computer. b) you probably don't care)

Two yays though! Well done elected officials. You said you'd dredge the creek for me. Last night, instead of water coming into the neighborhood and my house, you went into the open meadow on the other side! Yay!

Giant super endless kudos to Mr. Ed, the King of Janitors (and I mean that with every ounce of respect possible) who spent today leading a crew in cleaning up the local elementary school!

1910 Paris

1934, Sydney, Australia
September 6

1884 Aurora, Indiana


1950 Maitland,Australia
June 21

1895 Paris

And the Old Mill Inn might ACTUALLY fall into the creek this time.

Hear me, Baby? Hold together.


woodlandwalker said...

It sounds like you're talking to the Old Mill Inn like it's the Tardis.

Jill said...

interesting photos! i always like seeing natural disaster ones for some reason... yes, something is wrong with me, haha!

Whyte Fairy said...

Woodlandwalker: Right church, wrong pew. At least you went with science fiction...

Jill: I have a train photograph just for you! Now I just have to see what other debris I can sweep together.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Mr. Ed. People shouldn't nock on custodians. It's an important job and good honest work.