Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Native American Heritage Month

Bet you didn't know that was August. Bet you thought I forgot about this again too. Looks like I'll be moving again soon! Yay! More EXCITING details on that once we sign a lease on Friday. Don't want to go crazy and get my hopes up in case something goes awry before then!

Blackfoot at the Bow River, 1926 by E.S. Curtis

Inupiat Child, 1929

Cayuse woman, 1910

Arapaho family, 1867-1874

Maricopa women, 1907

Hupa woman, 1923

Comanche man, 1891

Shoshone camp, 1868

Navaho blanket weaving, 1905

Chinook woman, 1910

I love so many of these pictures and they all deserve more words than I have either time, knowledge, or awakeness to give them. Enjoy!

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Peerless said...

I read Inupiat Child as impatient child which seems appropriate given the kids expression.

Yay Native Americans!