Friday, 16 September 2011

Is My Blog Holier than Yours?

I'm am up for my first blog award! Yay! (mostly because I told Dave that he had to nominate me...but that's not the point!) Please please pretty please, if you love my blog, go over to The Crescat and vote for meeeeeeee! (Under "Best Visual Treat") And now, because I've been nominated on a Catholic blog, I shall ingratiate myself to her general viewing audience!

Beginning with MAN LACE!

1888 Bishop John Foley

And Carmelite Novices taking their vows in 1944

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

1860 England (so she's probably Anglican. sssshhhhh.)

1954 Puerto Rico

1894 Un Solo

1866 Saint Bernadette Soubirous

And as a special treat, Pre-Saint Katherine Drexel at 7 and a half years old in 1866!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the nomination. The English nun in the 1860s photo could be either Catholic or Anglican as there was a revial of religious orders in the prevoius decades (Most legal restrictions against practicing Catholism were removed in 1832 . I'd say there is a fair bet she was Catholic as it appears she is holding a Catholic rosary (looks more necklace-like)instead of Anglican prayer beads (looks more braclet-like).

Oakwise said...

FOLKS don't forget she's also nominated for best blog by a heretic. Vote for both!

Oakwise said...

also keep in mind the Oxford Movement...

Whyte Fairy said...

Awesome observations, Darlene! Thank you!