Saturday, 29 October 2011

When Suddenly, There Came A Rapping!

Rapping, at my chamber door. It's the Annual Halloween Costume Contest!!! (Late, I know, but that's what happens when it snows in October. People get confused and turn around to go home.) The point is, all the guests have arrived and since none of you lovely readers are going to be out and about tonight, you'll have plenty of time to chat everyone up by the eyeball laden punch and submit your favorite costume vote in the comments section before you head off to bob for some apples! And the lineup, lead by our favorite Waterskiing Witches:

Last year's winner: Mr. Toad!

Jack! The Pumpkin King!

The Cutest little Black Cat you ever did see!

Complete with a Mouse to chase!

George Washington showed up

With Medusa!

Someone Spiked the Punch!

Which was awkward once the Mermaid jumped in...

The Family of Blood's minions put in an appearance for all the Doctor Who fans.

Beware the Creepy Doll carrying an equally Creepy Doll!

And DON'T follow the Old Hags home. They'll lure you into their house on Chicken Legs and Eat You Up!

Winner to be posted at the Witching Hour on Halloween!


Oakwise said...

I vote for the mermaid!

woodlandwalker said...

The Mermaid. Definitely the Mermaid! :)

Anonymous said...

For me it's a draw between the black cat and the alcohol bottles.

Peerless said...

I vote for crazy bird man:

If thats not legal, Black cat with a runner up of freaky mouse.

Kay said...

I like the mouse.

Whyte Fairy said...

I'm submitting Bonnie's vote for the Creepy Doll and Jill's vote for Medusa!

Whyte Fairy said...

From Tonya: I vote alcohol bottles! I love a costume that has trouble fitting through the door! Happy Halloween!