Saturday, 7 January 2012

Phantoms of the Opera

My Dearest Darling Hilary asked me to accompany her and her mum to NYC to see The Phantom of the Opera! *squee!* It was a fantabulous performance! Much more exciting than I even thought it would be! So here are some Opera Ghosts for you!

Soprano Adelina Patti in the 1880s

Thomas Rendl as Pontius Pilate, 1890

Adelina's sister, Soprano Carlotta Patti

Francisco D'Andrade as Don Juan, 1891

Louise Swanborough in The Loves of Arcadia, 1860

German Bass-baritone Otto Schelper

Elisa Troisvalets in La Papillon

Charlotte Saunders in William Tell, 1860

Soprano Marie Roze

Barbara and Carlotta Marchisio in Semiramis, 1860

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting to see Phantom of the Opera in NY. I love the costumes in the vintage opera photos.