Wednesday, 11 January 2012

We take particular pride in the excellence of our ballet, monsieur.

Not only was The Phantom of the Opera utterly fantabulous, but, being who I am (and who I am is quite obsessive over the historical accuracy which always seems to be lacking), I was struck and overjoyed at the historical accuracy of the costumes! The Phantom of the Opera is set (at least in Andrew Lloyd-Weber's production) in the 1880s. (I do have the book, and my sister loves it, but I have yet to read it. *shame*)

Anyway, the point is that the costumes that were used in the productions within the production (the ballet dancers, the extravagant costumes in the masquerade scene, etc.) where oddly shaped, gaudy, and spangled - with minimal cleavage (2004 movie, I'm looking at you. >:-/ ) Just the way 1880s costumes ACTUALLY LOOKED. Yay!

Because it is terribly difficult to get actual dates for photographs of generic dancers, these will be focused on the general area of the mid to late 19th century. Enjoy!


I know I've posted it before, but I really do love this costume. ^_^



1881 Kate Vaughan & E.W. Royce in The Forty Thieves

Lessie Southgate


Anonymous said...

I love the costumes.

eve said...

Can you tell me the origin of the photo of Lessie Southgate? She is an ancestor of mine. Thanks.