Tuesday, 16 October 2012


My goodness! I almost forgot about the MOST IMPORTANT POST OF THE YEAR! Luckily the spell was lifted by these two well known lovelies when they went speeding past (in the year 1954, as I recently learned!)

I know that I normally give you four weeks, but I've been busy, and hardly anyone votes anyway (yes, that was a pouty faced hint! you don't have to have a blog or an account to comment, by the way!) You have exactly two weeks to leave me a comment about which party attendee you thinks deserves to win Best Costume!

We'll start the party off with some Ooky Spooky Arachnids!

The Invisible Man!
Arrrgh! Captain Hook!
Alas, poor Yorick!
I'm Katniss! May the odds be ever in my favor!
Catwoman? Meow.
Napoleon! And escort...?
Who's America's Favorite Cookie?
Bluebeard's Wife #5
The Franklin Mint!
And last, but not least, an Arboretum!
May the best costume win! Check back next week for the yearly parade of Wicked Witches! ^_^


Trish said...

I have to say that the Ooky Spooky Arachnids are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I second that! Arachnids for sure, followed by the Oreo gals! Awesome collection as usual! Xoxo T

woodlandwalker said...

I'm going for the Invisible Man...creative!

The Mid Century Bride said...

I hate to follow the crowd, but I am a huge fan of the Arachnids. The arboretum is a close second though!

Anonymous said...

Ooky Spooky Arachnids.

nicole said...

i do like the arachnids but the invisible man is a close second.

Taylor P. said...

Where is the Arboretum photo from (where did you find that)? The woman on the right looks JUST like me! I want to find out who she is!

Whyte Fairy said...

Taylor, Apologies for the looooooong delay in response - it's been a while but I'm determined to resurrect this! I'm sorry but I have nooooooooo idea where it's from! I started saving antique photos from the internet about 5 years before I even knew what a blog was, let alone decided to have one so I am sadly lacking in proper source documentation... *shame*
If you ever run into some old family photos and it turns out she's your great great grandmother DO let me know!!! ^_^